I’ve been playing pickleball for almost 4 years and have gone through several paddles which have differed quite a lot from each other with the exception to the grip, the only variation for it was the size. I’m so glad that I was introduced to IQGrip almost a year ago, it makes me feel like I have a custom-made grip. It adds comfort, support and aides in an even grip that allows full palm contact. IQGrip is light and easy to add onto any paddle, which I immediately do whenever I get a new one. I recommend IQGrip as an upgrade to any expensive or inexpensive paddle.
Corinne Wilmarth

I've really felt a difference with the IQgrips. I find that it distributes the pressure more evenly in my hand, all along my palm, rather than just the top and bottom of my hand. I think there are a lot of people that could benefit from it, as well as the other styles of grip inserts you offer.
Rob Davidson

About the IQ grip. I like it, it allows me, to generate more spin, volley better, I serve better. The IQ grip helps me in just about every aspect of my game.
Mo Mansaray 

The IQGrip allowed me to play with a more relaxed grip that has decreased joint pain I was experiencing.
Chris Harris

After proper installation, I found I had better racquet control, less hand fatigue and seemed like I was able to hit faster. I will put on all my paddles.
Kim Johnson

I finally got around to getting a replacement HEAD poly sorb grip and put the iQ Grip underneath and just LOVE it. The paddle fits my hand so much better, and there is no evidence of slipping. It is a great product.

At first, I tried to use the grip pad on top of my grip and then overwrapping it, but it made the grip too large and I was getting a cramp in the pad of my hand. Also, being a female with small hands, I found the grip had to be moved to the corner between the back side of the paddle handle and the side where the v between thumb and forefinger goes. That also helped me.
Thanks for a great product!! LOVE it.
Mary Cornwell